"Es sind Träume, die die Welt verändern."
Marcel Marceau

"Dreams - dreams change the world."

Marcel Marceau

Let me change your next event into a magical journey! 

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My dream...

is making this world a funnier and more enchanted place.
In Magic I found a unique and universal form to communicate around the globe, meeting and entertaining people of all age.
As ´Wizard Apprentice´ of Jack Reynolds at “Zauberkeller Berlin” and Mr. Roy in Calcutta I started to make my dream come true.
Since 25 years I am entertaining my audience in Germany and Switzerland from May to November – performing on stage, doing Street Magic, interactive Comedy Magic Shows and Magic on Stilts as well as Walking Acts in different costumes and Balloon Modeling. The remaining months I put a spell on children and adults on tour in several countries of this world.


My magical activity spans form private parties, Street- or City Festivals to Fairs and big Events, inside or outdoors, on stage or just on the street.
The repertoire covers small tricks and big illusions – includes Close-Up Magic as well as the “Floating Lady”. I am one of the rare magicians who perform all this strictly with guests chosen from the audience.
Balloon Modeling in Children´s Programs will be assisted by cuddly pig “Mrs. Grunznelda” and a highlight of every outdoor event is the Walking Act with “Norbert – Brandenburg´s last dragon”.
Depending on your event´s motto different costumes are available: from middle age wizard via baroque robe to classical Magician´s Taxedo.
Bookings are possible from a few magical minutes to a full day program.